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Coming Events! Don't miss the fun! Much is still in the planning phase. Very soon we will be off to do a cleanup on the levee in Oceano. Oceano Community Services is partnering with equestrians in this effort. All we need to do is pick up and set the trash on the levee and they will despose of it. It is a small area and after an hour or two, depending on the size of our volunteer group, we can all go to lunch! Many hands make for light work so contact Cherie & Rob if you want to come along!

Your event could go here! Have you got a favorite trail that could use some love? Add a work party, a ride or a potluck to our calendar! Contact Cherie & Rob for info about events.


Pismo Preserve Fundraising effort:Currently we are searching for options as we may lose our Equestrian Beach Staging area. We are watching another one of our favorite trail systems slowly go into developement at the Trilogy Woodlands. Now the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo is making efforts to purchase a 900 acre ranch with 10 miles of existing trails and make a new Pismo Preserve open to equestrians, bikes and hikers. Watch the video below for information and please donate to the Fundraising page we have set up toward making this Preserve a reality.


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We had a great time camping at Lopez Lake County Park! See slideshow here:


Our new event signs were donated by Robin McDonald of Avila Sign & Design (select image above for websight!)



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News Ride Nipomo is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting equestrian interests in South San Luis Obispo County, located on the central coast in California. Nipomo itself is a small, but very old, historic ranchland country nestled at the foot of a mountain range. We include members from all over who value the trails, the fun and the community building of this alliance.We work to maintain a healthy equine community and keep up existing riding trails. We actively seek the establishment and recognition of new trails as properties are developed and the area grows. An additonal goal is to ensure Nipomo continues to remain a horse "friendly" community while the personality of our community evolves with new developement.
Dedicated to Equestrian Trail Riding in Nipomo and the surrounding areas of San Luis Obispo County.
  Constant meetings with Planning and Zoning, as well as local community groups are necessary to maintain good relationship and keep reminding them that we moved here to be in an area where we CAN ride our horses! Our Board is active with these groups and continue to follow development by attending many meetings, and encourage the continuance of our existance. Each time a new development comes in, our officers make sure that horse access is considered.

Not only that, but also many members get out and physically dig, shovel, rake, haul chips to build and maintain trails not only on the roadsides but also in the developments that have trails designed into their community. Many hours are donated annually and we are always looking for more eager trail lovers to help us!

Work days and ride days are planned throughout the year - become a member and check our newsletter for updates and lots of riding information!





Klaus F. Hempfling (Video)- Learn to recognize your horse as a unique individual.


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