Meet the Board of Directors

Ride Nipomo is fortunate to have an active Board of Directors who are dedicated to obtaining, maintaining and enjoying Nipomo's beautiful trails and scenic views! We'll try to introduce you to these folks (and their horses) in the website and hope you have the opportunity of meeting them in person at upcoming activities and work sessions on the trails.

Our President Shelia Patterson shines with enthusiasm and determination! She will need alot of help and hopes to hear from anyone who can support her efforts. The energy is upbeat, cheerful and intelligent in Shelia. We can look forward to her lead with anticipation and watch for opportunities to contribute. The catch words are growth and teamwork. We are growing together toward an equestrian presence in SLO County which is heard, counted and considered as important. Equestrians are partnering all over the county and teamwork is effective effort. Let us support her work toward success in nurturing all of our dreams.

Tom Hopkins is our Vice-President. He keeps a level head offering wise and thoughtfully informed decisions. Tom's dedication and loyal support has been valued for many years. This year he is stepping up even more to the plate with the Vice-President's seat.

Christine Berichon, takes care of our Treasury and keeps us intact and on track. It's no small effort and she is very much appreciated. Please pay your dues in the first month of the year so Christine can finish the books and get out to ride!

Janette Wesch is our Secretary and in charge of email communication. She will keep us all posted with trail rides, actions needed for trail acquisition, maintenance and safety. Associates are invited to email Janette with announcements.

Gordy Foy - Ride Coordinator - Contact Gordy and Tracy if you have any ideas where you would like to have a ride at:

Robin McDonald - Public Relations! Thank you, Robin!

Jim Harrisson - Liason - Jim is knowledgable about county procedures and legalities and is a big help in understanding situations. He attends many meetings and reports back with great suggestions and support. He also gets out and does trail building and maintenance with heavy equipment and muscle.

Hans Hansson - Past President

Anne Dunbar - Web Production and Management, E Newsletter, Sponsors. Send pictures and articles to for the newsletter! Please feel invited to check links on the website as updating can be frequently needed. Let Anne know about any dropped links.

Many thanks to all of our esteemed Board Members for all the hours of loyalty and just plain hard work. We are looking for new members to join the team! Contact us for more information!

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President-Shelia Patterson

Vice-President-Tom Hopkins

Treasurer-Chris Berichon

Club Secretary & Email Liason-Janette Wesch

Robin McDonald - Public Relations

Additional Board Members:

Lisa Chadwick, Sue Cholakian, Karen Luce

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