Become a Member of Ride Nipomo Equestrian Alliance! This is an opportunity to join with the equestrian community in an effort to preserve and maintain the trails we all use. Let us gather together, gaining the power toward success! We are always looking for new members. Who Can Join? We invite anybody interested in promoting equestrian interests and maintaining rural open space and multi-use trails to join. Meet new friends here! How Can You Join? Simply submit a completed application and membership dues for the first year. Dues are $20 for Individual, $30 for Family. Mail checks to: Ride Nipomo, P.O.Box 7086,
Arroyo Grande, Ca. 93421.

There are many reasons to become a member of this equestrian alliance. Here are just a few:
1)Add your voice to those already working for the equine community.
2)Continue to be able to ride in San Luis Obospo County.
3)You believe trails are essential to maintaing the rural nature of our county.
4)You would like to see this rural nature preserved for future generations.
5)You love horses and want to live in a "horse friendly" community.
6)Get to know other members and participate in riding events.

Picture your reason for joining here!

Download the application! Join Us


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Questions you may want to ask yourself when thinking about joining:

If you love contributing, would you enjoy doing more than just belong to the club? Your special talents may be a valued contribution!

If you value community,think of the rich friendships you can make in our club with others who want to see a horse friendly area stay safe and beautiful.

If you would enjoy supporting our purpose, then perhaps you are content to simply have your name on the list and pay your dues. We have many members who love open space and horses but do not currently have horses.

If you want good trails and want the county to continue to allow us to ride, walk and bike these trails, would you be willing to take an active part to help the work along? Our work parties are rewarding and full of laughter. Join Us!



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