Fundraiser Success, Many Thanks!

Thanks to all the horse lovers who helped make our 2013 Fundraiser a success! Our equine community is growing. Through our unified efforts the trails will help define our area and provide years of enjoyment in the years to come. This alliance is alive and kickin'!

Just a few of our gang, hardworking and funloving!

The best way to get folks together is to offer trail rides, parties, prizes, training and FOOD! That's what we do at our gatherings. Join us as we meet to have fun and maintain our trails and protect our equestrian space together.Contact Cherie Dodds for more information:

  Are you looking for that homestyle feeling at a group ride? Join us, maintain and save trails, ride 'em alone or together and enjoy those equine cookies homestyle!!


We welcome new members to consider joining the board!

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Widmark Cleanup, Nipomo
Many of us have ridden the Widmark Property for years. George has kept a horse trail around part of his property to be accepted by the County. Unfortunately people from all over have been using this property as their personal dumping grounds. We had a roll off coming which George paid for, we had workers to help load the “Gems” into it. Marcus Green, Barbara V, Marshall Klein, and Mike & Darcy Murphy have all brought tractors, backhoes, and a flatbed to insure a successful day.

Everyone who came to help got their name in for our drawing. We had many nice gifts, gift certificates to local restaurants, etc. After the cleanup we proceeded down the yellow brick road to Lee and Marshalls home for a potluck. Lee and Marshall provided Hot Diggity Dogs. (Thank you Lee and Marshall for once again providing your beautiful home for our Ride Nipomo Family!)

We sat around afterwards and talked. We had a grand prize for the most unique item found that day. Thanks to those who came out to be a part of the solution. The property is between Scenic View, Camino Mariposa, and Indiana. Eucalyptus runs across the bottom. We kicked butt on this one!!

See pictures below and come out to the next cleanup. It feels great to get together and really make a difference! We are not kidding. We work together! Join us and enjoy!

We're talking about tons of garbage, loads of good folks and a job well done!
These new boots found in the Widmark cleanup found a home on Cinderella's feet! (see right)
These gals are tired But the woods look great! Thank you!
  Lee hosted a delightful potluck. The hostess with the mostess!  
    Hard working and great riding, now that's livin' large!  
Questions you may want to ask yourself when thinking about joining:

If you love contributing, would you enjoy doing more than just belong to the club? Your special talents may be a valued contribution!

If you value community,think of the rich friendships you can make in our club with others who want to see a horse friendly area stay safe and beautiful.


If you would enjoy supporting our purpose, then perhaps you are content to simply have your name on the list and pay your dues. We have many members who love open space and horses but do not currently have horses.

If you treasure mingling with others who enjoy horses and trails would you enjoy attending the meetings? Riding together in our beautiful area?

If you want good trails and want the county to continue to allow us to ride these trails, would you be willing to take an active part to help the work along? Our work parties are rewarding and full of laughter.