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Widmark Cleanup, an effort were we made a difference!

Many of us have ridden the Widmark Property for years. George has kept a horse trail around part of his property to be accepted by the County. Unfortunately people from all over have been using this property as their personal dumping grounds. We had a roll off which George paid for, we had workers to help load the “Gems” into it. Marcus Green, Barbara V, Marshall Klein, and Mike & Darcy Murphy all brought tractors, backhoes, and a flatbed to insure a successful day.

Today we were able to get some of our totals for the wonderful work our RN members did to clear other peoples junk from a beautiful riding area, the Widmark property. These people who dumped could afford alcohol, cigarettes, hypodermic needles, and new or better tires and televisions. Thought since so many of you donated time, diesel, gas and gloves, (know many will need new gloves!) you would want to know the totals. I found it interesting.
The cost was $1171.50 total to clean the area of debris with dumping fees, roll offs and some other incidentals. The fence is up along Indiana. We had about 8 ¾ tons of waste. RN rocks! This could not been done without all of you who participated. Great job. We aren’t giving out any names of those who worked the cleanup to any other cleanup crews county wide. LOL! Work continues! Hard work = great trails!

Trails at Midland School in Los Olivos open to the public!!! great news!

Latest Equine Health Updates!Anyone who wants the official state dept of agriculture Herpes Virus Updates, here is the website. ALL OTHER OUTBREAKS ARE LISTED ON A MAP ON THIS SITE: Just enter your zip code and mapped outbreaks come up!!!

Read this article for information about public/private land use. Article regarding a trail closing on the bluff at Trilogy and Ride Nipomo's efforts to reopen in 2016. The trail is open today.

It is important that the California horse owners remain vigilant as there is always risk of disease when horses of unknown health status are commingled at one location. Consistent, basic biosecurity practices play an important role in reducing risk of exposure to diseases such as influenza, strangles, pigeon fever, or equine herpes virus.

When traveling with your horses to shows, rides and sales, by implementing the biosecurity measures below, you can minimize disease risk:
· Minimize horse nose-to-nose contact with horses of unknown disease status.
· Don’t share equipment including buckets, tack and grooming equipment.
· Avoid using communal water troughs.
· Fill water buckets directly from the faucet to eliminate potential hose contamination.
· Limit human contact between horses or wash hands or use hand sanitizer between horse contacts.
· Prior to returning home from an event, clean and disinfect all equipment, including trailer, clothing, tack grooming supplies.
· Isolate all new horses or horses returning home for a minimum of three weeks. Isolation means no direct contact with other horses or humans and no indirect contact via shared equipment.
· Consult your veterinarian to establish appropriate vaccination for your horse(s).
Horse owners are strongly encouraged to consult their veterinarian regarding these steps and others to determine how best to reduce the risk of your horse acquiring an infectious disease.

Important steps to take to disinfect and clean horse areas and tack! (PDF)
Many Thanks to our Skip and Betsy Dyke for hosting Ride Nipomo events at their Yellow Jacket Ranch in Huasna Valley! This ride was on a beautiful day. There were four groups going out and all were in great spirits in this beautiful place. The lunch began as riders straggled in from hill and dale. Cherie brought a selection of Ride Nipomo Tees, long and short sleeve, for members to choose from. The shade held us all as we met old friends and made new friends at another successful Ride Nipomo event!

(slideshow of a Las Flores ride above)


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See below a Slideshow of horse lovers having a good time.

(slideshow of The Yellow Jacket Ride 2011 bolow)



 Cherie Dodds
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