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The purpose of Ride Nipomo is twofold; first to promote the establishment, conservation and maintenance of equestrian trails in South County San Luis Obispo and secondly, to provide a community voice and advocacy for the preservation of a horse friendly South County.

Nipomo and the neighboring community of Arroyo Grande have a rich equestrian history and tradition, including working cattle ranches, training and show facilities, competitions, world famous Stud farms and just plain horses in the backyard. As the pressures of a growing population demand more and more land for housing, commerce and transportation, the members of Ride Nipomo honor that equestrian tradition as a continuing community voice for equestrian interests.

This is accomplished, in part, by working with the various planning and advisory agencies during the planning phase of projects within the community and by investing time, material and labor to build and maintain trails as the easements become available.
Let's remember the hard work of many individuals who spend hours meeting with the County trying to establish more and more trails before they are gone. Many are physically goning out and cleaning, raking, clearing, building erosion bars, picking up debris and pleading with the powers to be in an effort to maintain and protect equestrian trails. This is all done without asking for funding from any department, asking only for cooperation in keeping trails open for equestrians in our community.Education
Ride Nipomo provides education to horse owners as well, each year by offering multiple educational opportunities. These programs keep our associates active, interested and contributing to building and stregthening the equestrian community in may ways.
One example was a 'Spook Clinic' to help riders better prepare their horses for the trails and build strong partnerships between rider and horse for pleasure and trail riding. Trail SupervisionTha Alliance rides trails observing changes in properties and noting maintainence issues. We have toured the beautiful equestrian trail around the Woodlands, and also onto the bluff to see the changes that have taken place with the Widmark property as well as in the Hellanius area. Black Lake Canyon has been a forgotten paradise, recently having been trimmed. Our group rides part of that as well.
With all this in mind,we offer monthly ride information in our Newsletter and on our Facebook page.

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