You will find some you tube videos here which may contribute to your horses health and well being! Also some videos from our members!
Horse stretches!
Tellington Touch
Fundimentals of Horse Training with Missy Wryn
National Geographic - Horses
a little Yoga anyone? Horse Health!
Denise Bean-Raymond demonstrates equine massage



Easily detect Equine Ulcers on Your Horse!
Hempfling - Horses Wings
Hempfling-recognize your horse (all riders)
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Parelli Horse Training - Stand to be Groomed
Parelli - Savy Tips, Trail Riding
Ride Nipomo Newsletter Archives- "Horse & Trail"    
Saddling a "Friendly Way"
Haltering a Safe & Pleasant Way
Linda Tellington Jones
TLC Intimacy and Relaxation with Horses
Cheryl and Romeo at Liberty
Klaus F. Hempfling helps you to recognize your horse as a unique individual.
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