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October 2019 Fundraiser!

Thank you to everyone that came out to the 2019 Ride Nipomo Fundraiser

Many thanks to our Board for a great Fundraiser!

Every dollar goes into the trails we ride! These folks are the heart and soul of Ride Nipomo. A big hand for those who do the work!

From the left: Karen Luce, Tom Hopkins - Vice President, Hans Hansson - Previous President & Continued Effort, Janette Wesch - Secretary & Email Liason, Christine Berichon - Treasurer, (behind her hiding) Gordy Foy - Trail Ride Leader & Fundraiser Food, Lisa Chadwick, Jim Harrison - Indispensable Knowledge, Liason with County, Trail Building & Maintenance, Robin McDonald - Public Relations, Sue Cholakian - Membership, Shelia Patterson - President, Annie Dunbar - Web Production, Newsletter & Fundraiser entertainment.

Our Board members are always hard working for our trails.

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