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Head’s up horse camping enthusiasts! Plans for horse camp at River Road near Santa Margarita Lake are progressing. The first hurdle, getting temporary approval of plans to develop the horse camp was granted in July of 2019. That ignited the fundraising effort to purchase the initial elements of the horse camp. Now, some of those elements are ready to be installed.

The good news is that close to $8,000 has been raised and pledged to date. A huge thank you goes out to several local organizations, such as Ride Nipomo, and individuals who have contributed funds to see the Santa Margarita Lake Horse Camp at River Road come to life. Kathy Redden, the project coordinator, explains how this money has been allocated, We have purchased six corrals to date. We had expected to purchase two gates, but people have donated them! We will also be For further directions and information go to this webpage!

Ordering three picnic tables, and the cost for two of them is also being donated. We have approximately $1,900 in received or pledged funds that we haven’t yet used. We can use these funds towards the purchase of one or two bear boxes, plus cover costs for other materials such as for repairs of existing fences.”

Where there’s a will there’s a way. A horse camp near Santa Margarita Lake has been a vision for many local horse camping enthusiasts. That vision is coming to fruition. Eight years ago, members of Atascadero Horsemen’s Club (AHC) began the process to get permission to build a horse camp at the River Road trail head near Santa Margarita Lake. Now the first hurdle has been cleared and the hope is for horse camping to be available by the end of 2019.

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The approved proposal is for three camping sites which each will include two corrals (one horse per corral) and two rigs. So, the total number of horses in corrals will be six. Per special request, campers may be allowed to bring additional temporary corrals to be set up and taken down by campers. All corrals will be behind a locked gate. Campers who reserve the camp and pay the reservation and permit fees will gain access to the locked area.

Future Plans: Kathy shares the immediate future plans in this statement: We also have planned to wait to purchasing and installing tie rails until we had final approval." (right now we have temporary approval)

In case final approval is not given, we don’t want to have to tear out the tie rails. The long-term plan is to build a shade structure as well upon final approval. The cost for the shade structure has not yet been determined, but we expect that additional funding will be needed.”

Opening Date: At this point there is not a set date for opening. Getting a gate secured and the corrals set up are big first steps to welcoming the first overnight campers with their horses to the Santa Margarita Lake Horse Camp. Also the registration system still needs to be worked out.

Workday Scheduled: Santa Margarita Lake Horse Camp First Workday! Friday, December 6, 2019 9:00 am at River Road Trail Head

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